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No typing neccessary - point and click!

The Song1 user interface/program has many features like PlayListProfiles™ and the MORE icon option giving users many benefits when Song1 goes live. These and many more copyrighted features are the product of the inventive mind of Marvin E. Marshall. This software is coupled with the patented Marshall Digital System (MDS-2) which was also invented by Mr. Marshall.

Since there are such gigantic choices/genres of music (Song1 tracks over 400 genres) music lovers of most any level of music knowledge are lost in attempting to make playlists that nicely fit their long and short term desires.  Mr. Marshall, the inventor of the (MDS-2), looked at the problem and decided the creation of PlayListProfiles™ was more logical and far more effective. Better yet was to create software coupled together with meaningful data points that would allow the user/listener to easily create PlayListProfiles™ rather than actual playlists.  Now get this, when we say easy, we mean exactly that.  Most PlayListProfiles™ can be created in seconds - and WITH NO TYPING WHATSOEVER!!

Simply choose from many of the provided 'drop down boxes' containing hundreds of genres and many other data points regarding Artist/Groups, like Song Era and on and on.  Usually you will only choose from 2 or three and that will narrow the extensive database of Artists and Songs down to the type of just what you want.

As an added bonus to both Artists and their fans, communication through Song1 blogs will allow direct dialog between them. Wow, what a great thing that will be. The fans will have first hand information from their favorite Artist or Group and visa-versa. Get special promotional items before the general public. The possibilities are only left to the imagination.

Create as many PlayListProfiles™ as you like and at anytime you can click on List and choose from any of your PlayListProfiles™ and simply click play.

After creating a PlayListProfiles™ simply click Play (or Save and Play).  The Song1 program will randomly pick an artist from your profile and then randomly pick a song from that artist's song library and play that song.  This is repeated endlessly until the user/listener clicks stop or chooses any other play choices.

However, listening is only part of the experience.  The instant a song starts playing, the Song1 program will bring up ALL the data it has on that artist (list of Albums, list of songs recorded/available to play, lots of bio info, etc.).  That's just on the Artist!  Also presented on the screen is lots of in-depth information on the song itself.  Also listed are all the other renditions of that song by other Artists/Groups that are available to play (or you can abandon the Playlist that is playing and simply listen to all or part of these renditions).

Now, if that doesn't satisfy your musical curiosity about the Artist and Song, there is a MORE icon which has been pre-programmed to link you to the exact Wikipedia Page (the master of public data) containing most everything that is known publicly about either the Artist or the Song that is currently playing!!!

There's More

We can't disclose it until we go live, but we will give you a hint. It's a new user control to be used while the songs from the PlayListProfiles™ are playing !!!

Pass the word and be the first to be a proud Song1 user when we go live. Keep informed on the status of Song1 by join our growing list of will-be fans.