Licensing of MDS

The Marshall Digital Patent

Businesses and Licensing

Through the use of the (MDS-1 - MDS-2) patents, Song1 (or Licensee) will:

  • have a superior platform with many options that will attract new end users, but will provide many features that competitive streaming service don't or can't offer. The Licensee, through the base platform will attract Artists and Songwriters with special features that will benefit the Licensee. The platform can provide Artists and Songwriters with special access to real-time viewing of their real-time stats, royalty accumulations, etc. MDS will include heat map graphs that are generated on a real-time basis allowing far better business and marketing decisions for the licensee and the Artist / Songwriter clients.
  • The Marshall Digital System will provide both a superior listening experience for the customer(or viewing when applied to film and gaming industries).
  • Virtually curb or stop piracy which negatively effects all segments of the digital world. A recent study by Cisco Visual Networking found that illegal file-sharing in North America grew 44% from 2008 to 2014. Just recently, a MusicWatch study found that 57 million Americans frequently use pirate sites for music, which is approximately 50% of streaming services.
  • Gives strong marketing advantages over other competing streaming services.
  • Boasts such items as the PlayListProfies™ and the MORE icon and other unique features that sets Song1 (or Licensee) apart from competitors.
  • Allows the end user information pre-reseached to satisfy even the most inquisitive customer through the use of the MORE icon.

These advantages will answer many marketing questions, but also allow Song1 (or Licensee) to operate this service at a much lower cost than other streaming services while paying the standard royalty rates when Song1 (or Licensee) uses content either directly from Indies or Label Companies.

Licensing Structure

White Hat Vision, LLC (WHV), is the Holding Company of the Marshall Digital Patents. Song1 LLC has a provisional license from WHV. Both are located in Hideaway, TX and both were founded by the inventor Marvin E Marshall and his wife Robyn. Even though Song1 is now scheduled to go live in 2017 or early 2018 with the (MDS) (Patent No. 8,719,946) this break-through technology is now available for licencing to suitable businesses or candidate.

Assistance to a licensee in the music industry can be part of the package as our team has collectively some 50 years of experience. Marvin E. Marshall, the inventor, has 35 years of computer programming besides being the successful inventor of the modern phone card in 1990 through his phone company Real-Time Services in Tampa, FL.

Optional Business Choice

If licensing is not forth coming, as as previously mentioned, Song1, LLC has a provisional license of the (MDS-2) pending proper funding. A significant amount of work and development has already gone into the building of the platform and the software required to power all the various aspects of rolling out the (MDS-2). The only portion left to build is the internet User Interface to attach to the Oracle Tables and Platform foundation designed and built by our engineer and database programmer John Hendrix. We would be happy to discuss a joint business venture to finish this build, or raise the funds to do so.

The Nerdery

The Nerdery has bid the completion of the user interface for the Windows Platform for a figure of less then 100k. This would allow Song1 (or licensee) to go live with the beta test version before full release.

With local programmers, skilled with this portion of software knowledge, the cost will be reduced dramatically to around 20k to 25k. But will likely take a bit more time than the Nerdery.

WHV and Song1 are all based in the United States District Court, Eastern District of Texas, which is the leading intellectual property district in the U.S. Some 90% of all patent cases in the U.S. are tried in this district. This Federal Court District has in place several court prodedures that sharply reduce costs, and even if a jury trial results, it is limited to 2-weeks maximum. With WHV and Song1 headquartered and founded in this district Song1 (or Licensee) of (MDS) provides the maximum protection.


For a quote on a licensing agreement, email us or contact the Michael P Mazza Law Firm for further details.