The Ment Brothers

Frag-Ment and Seg-Ment

Rather than trying to convey technical blather as to how the Marshall Digital System (MDS) works, it's much easier to understand in a more visual manner.

01. Frag-Ment and Seg-Ment

03. Lives in the cloud

Notice, Frag on the left (Frame 1) is made up of a bunch of Fragments, while his brother Seg is pretty well intact (Frame 1 & 2), except he has a lot of holes in his belly. Seg is the 'segmented part' of the entire content, song, movie, etc. In other words, Seg has to receive the missing parts from his brother Frag.

Frag (The Fragments) who lives in the Cloud (Frame 3),

04. Start fragging

06. Contact SONG 1

while Seg (Frame 4) resides in your computer (smart phone) internal or external memory (SSD or whatever). The magic happens as shown in (Frame5). While the song is playing Frag auomatically streams (or frags) the missing Fragments which fit exactly into the appropriate holes in Seg's belly. You will also notice that the fragments, after passing through Seg, disappear and are NOT RETAINED.

Unlike competitive streaming services, only the Segmented part needs to be downloaded (or obtained physically) one time. Therefore, on replays, bandwidth is reduced by 90% (as it's already been delivered). Therefore it now becomes practical to receive 44,100 htz / 32 bit high quality sound (or even higher) as a result!!!

Essentially, that is the concept of the patented MDS service/platform which will be used by Song1 (or Licensee).

With the MDS the media, song, movie or game, is NEVER WHOLE. Never is the entire content complete or static. This has many advantages not only for the listener or viewer, but the entire digital industry as well. All streaming and downloading services deliver the completed media and hope their content doesn't get circumvented by illegal copying or uploading copyrighted content on illegal file sharing sites.


The Ment Family Tree
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