$9.99 per month or FREE with adverts.

To name only a few,

  • Far less bandwidth, which will lower your online costS.
  • Much higher quality (44,100 Khz, 32 bit sample rate or option for lower quality mp3).
  • Tons of information is automatically displayed on both the Artist/Group and Song selected and played.
  • If MORE info on either is desired, just click on the MORE button while a song is playing from any of your PlayListProfies™ is playing and the exact pre-researched website is displayed with that exact matching information of the current Artist/Group or Song.
  • Song1 has re-invented the entire concept of how PlayLists are created and played. WE CANNOT DISCLOSE THIS MAGIC METHOD RIGHT NOW - HOWEVER, WHEN SONG1 GOES LIVE YOU WILL WONDER HOW YOU EVER GOT ALONG WITHOUT IT!

With adequate funding it will be live in 2016.  Much is already operational in test mode.

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