Treated honestly and compensated as agreed

As much as Song1 has geared its service to the end user, we have equally kept the Artists and Songwriters as the prima donnas of the music industry and they should be treated and compensated as such.

Song1 will give Artists and Songwriters who have their content with Song1 special access to real-time music play data that is being generated by listeners of their music. This data will not only let them view the play activity, but track their royalties which are being generated real-time also.

From this data, Artists in particular can view 'heat maps' showing the location of concentrated listening of their music. This will allow them to intelligently plan concert tours relative to the heat map graphs created by the empirical music play data generated.

As an added bonus to both their fans and the Artists communication through Song1 blogs will allow direct dialog. Wow, what a great thing that will be. The fans will have first hand information from their favorite Artist or Group and visa-versa. Get special promotional items before the general public. The possibilities are only left to the imagination.

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