The Saga and History of The Ment Family Tree

-Note - Brothers Frag & Seg are modern day characters created for Song1. There last names are 'Ment" therefore they are Frag Ment and Seg Ment. The patented digital technology that Song1 will be using is based on two distinct parts -
One, the fragmented part (Stays on the cloud) & Two, the segmented part (Stays either on the cloud or your device). The two parts are joined only when a song is being played. Together, Frag & Seg make beautiful music for you to enjoy.

Now on with the Intro

A long, long time ago, our great-great-great granddaddy Gary immigrated to the USA from the Bavarian Fatherland. When he landed at Ellis Island and was being processed by immigration, the officer asked him his name. The officer asked, “I see on the manifest, you are listed as Gary Appenzeller. Would you like to translate your name to English?” Gary said, “ya”. The officer looked up the name Gary and said “That translates to Spear, but I have no translation for Appenzeller. Would you like us to give you a good English name?” Gary said, “No, I want a good long and strong name American name so that everyone will know that I am no longer under the oppression of the German Kaiser..

The officer, having a couple of nips too many, thought for a long time but finally said, “I have the prefect last name – Antidisestablishmentarianismment.” The officer explained that this name is long, and it perfectly indicates that you are a true American. He said, “It clearly states your values and makes the pronouncement that the government is for the people and it is the people’s government.”

So he was officially named Gary Antidisestablishmentarianismment.

Struggling with English and trying to convey his names proved to be a serious problem. After few years, and growing weary of not finding a lady who would have him with such a complicated last name, he discovered he could have his name changed.

Spear, while waiting in the court house to be heard, found himself sitting next to a lady who also wanted her name changed. He ask her her name and she said, “Piperi Crudopoulous” and added “Everyone knows I’m Greek by my name, so I want to change my last name”. Spear told her his name and Piperi just rolled her eyes.

Just then he was called into the court room to stand before the judge. The Judge said, “It says here that you want your name changed, is that correct?” Spear said to the Judge, “I had my first name converted from German to American, but the immigration officer gave me a last name that no woman will have.” The Judge said, “Well Mr. Antidisestablishmentarianismment (while struggling to say the word and laughing at the same time) what name would you like?” Spear said, “I’ve learned to say the last 4 letters of my last name, could I get that for my last name?” The Judge said, “So Ordered”.

As Spear left the court room he excitedly went to where Piperi was seated and said, “The Judge changed my last name to just the last four letters of my name, so now I am Spear Ment”. Piperi said, “That’s wonderful! I’d like to do the same, but that wouldn’t work for me. Maybe I can ask the Judge if I could just keep the first four letters of my last name.” With that she was called into the courtroom.

Spear waited anxiously while Piperi was in the courtroom wondering if the Judge would make her wish come true also. Shortly thereafter, Piperi came bouncing out and announced the good news to Spear. Piperi said, “I am now Piperi Crud.” Spear said, “That’s super, let’s go celebrate”. She said yes and off to the nearest barroom they went.

While the two were getting to know each other Spear asked if she knew the actual meaning of her first name. She said, “I was told that it is Latin for ’piper’ which translates to ‘Pepper’ in American.” Spear said, “Do you mind if I call you Pepper?” She said, “That would be great”. It wasn’t long before the unmarried couple fell in love and were married.

So then Spear Ment and Pepper Ment were the talk of their small settle-ment town.

However, Pepper didn’t drop her last name of Crud. (Author's Note: Here I’m thinking that she turned out to really be a lady that was too peppery for Spear to handle and they were divorced.)

Then Spear referred to his ex as: Ex Crud Ment.

Chapter Two

Spear, now a bachelor, was scouring the area for a new wife.  Before long Spear Ment met Mary, they fell in love and got married. Now we have Spear Ment and Mary Ment. One day he saw a newspaper lying in the muddy street. He picked it up, took it home and tried to read it. He saw a headline that he read as Horse Green Lee saying, "Go west young m???? go west". He carefully cleaned it but just couldn't make out the word. He was sure the first letter of the word was an 'm' and was pretty sure the second letter was an 'e'. When the smudged spot dried he concluded it was the letter 'n'. There looked to be a fourth letter. Was it a vertical smudge of ink? He wasn't sure - but then he figured it out!  He ran to inform of Mary of this life changing discovery.

(Author's note, the news paper was quoting Hoarse Greenley who first gave the advice to Josiah Bushnell Grinnell in 1833.)

Spear and Mary worked their way west from New York by taking odd jobs and saving enough money to make it further and further west. After ten years of making their way (until about 1843), they found themselves in Prairie Township, in Hancock County, Illinois near the western Illinois town of Carthage, where they got jobs on a prairie family farm. Strangely, the area was the talk of the whole country. It seems a religious fellow by the name of Joseph Smith had started a religious following in rural Vermont, and he and his followers headed west about the same time as the Ment’s did. Well, the locals were very opposed to Smith's teachings and his followers who had be forced out of Missouri and resettled in Nauvoo, Illinois (Nauvoo is in the adjacent county). 

(Author's Note, Smith and the Nauvoo city council angered non-Mormons by destroying a newspaper that had criticized Smith's power and practice of polygamy - See Wikipedia Joesph Smith Link)

Spear and Mary were not particularly religious, but Spear's curiosity drove him to know all about what was happening. It seems that Joseph Smith was thrown in the county jail in Carthage, Illinois, just some five miles from the farm where he and Mary were living as farm hands. One day while entrusted to take the buckboard into Carthage to get supplies, he quickly found out what the entire wrangle was about. Of particular interest to Spear was this idea and practice of polygamy. He heard the locals saying that Smith's movement has to be stopped. Spear, thought if it's a move-ment it must be good.

In the next few weeks Spear heard that Smith had taken over the town of Nauvoo declaring Martial law and had destroyed the local newspaper which had written an article against Smith's teachings. Then Smith and his brother Hyrum were arrested for inciting a riot and taken to the Carthage County jail. Spear didn't know what to think. But when he heard the owner of the farm talking with a neighboring farmer about taking the law into their own hands, he thought ”I don't want any part of this” and made plans with Mary to leave their farm job and head for Nauvoo. As they were planning on leaving the next day Spear saw his employer covering his face with coal dust. Spear knew what was about to happen and he and Mary left that night and headed on foot to Nauvoo. On the way they heard the news, Joseph Smith and his brother Hyrum were shot to death by a handful of vigilantes. It took them a few days to complete their walk to Nauvoo. Spear and Mary feared for their safety if it became known that they worked for one of the vigilantes who killed the two Smith brothers. So, they decided it was safer to join in with Smith's followers and joined the move-ment.

Shortly after the self-proclaimed prophet was killed, Brigham Young was organizing a trip further west out of United States control. Brigham and his followers left Nauvoo and wintered in Winter Quarters, Nebraska, in 1846 near Cutler Park both over looking the Missouri River just north of Omaha. The following spring Young and his followers headed out to Brigham's planned final destination of Utah. This area was then part of Mexico and he could lead his brand of Smith's movement and teachings without interference.

Spear and Mary had a decision to make. They had managed to not to have a family until they were settled in their own settle-ment.

Chapter Three

Spear and Mary only had a few days to decide. Do they stay here in Winter Quarters, Nebraska, or go on with the Brigham Young followers and their move-ment. On the very last day before the Brigham Young party was to leave Spear and Mary decided to ----- (See what they decide in our next update. What do you think they decided. Email us with your thoughts -

Possible thoughts below on this chapter, whether they stay or leave with the Young followers.

Before you knew it, Spear and Mary had a child on the way – who ended up being twin boys whom they named – Sed and Ped - Sed Alfred Ment and Ped Alex Ment - known as Sed A Ment and Ped A Ment. Sed was from boyhood to an adult a sedentary type, while Ped had a hearing problem so people called him M Ped A Ment.

Even though both were not the most attractive type to the girls, they both managed to find life time marriages to twin girls named Maribelle and Claribelle Reid. Strangely neither one could. Sed married Maribelle and Ped married Claribelle in double double marrage-ment. Since Ped couldn't hear very much and neither of the wives could read and neither of the twins wanted to live apart from their own twin, they made an arrange-ment for all four to live cozily in their little enclose-ment of a two bedroom bungalow. Amazingly, both wives immediately become pregnant and both gave birth. To Sed and Maribelle a boy, and to Ped and Claribelle a girl. Both babies were born on exactly the same day which was 271 days from their dual merri-ment. There must have been some very quick enlighten-ment all around.

Chapter Four

So, then Sed and Maribelle needed to name their new baby boy. Maribelle want to name him Luigi. Sed didn't like the name but didn't know why. She he his father Spear and told him that's the same as Ludwig in German. Sed then told Maribelle that he, like his father, wanted a good strong American name. Months went by and the baby went unnamed.

Next was the task of naming the new boy and girl. Since Maribelle's child was born quickly, just some ten minutes, they called him Ten Alfred. However, Claribelle's labor was long and difficult. Not being near any doctor or mid-wife, lots of lubricants was used to help the birth. It did finally work, but left Claribelle in a lot of lasting pain and extended healing. So, they named the baby girl Lynne Anne. So, the two babies were Ten A Ment and Lynne A Ment.

That’s as far as I’ve gotten with the story. I hope this story will be a collabortive effort and suggestions for 'Ment' characters to work with with would be great.

Below are some ‘Ment’ names that could be used. There are lots more for the creative minds out there - here are some to work from to continue the saga till we come to modern day with Frag and Seg.

Agree Ment - Argu Ment - Aug Ment - Auggie - Base Ment - Clem Ment - D Bait Ment - Doc U Ment - Guv R Ment - Mary Ment - Miss Judge Ment - MonYou Ment - N Dorse Ment - Anne Dorse Ment - M Peach Ment - N Title Ment - N Vest Ment - Pig Ment - Oint Ment - Rudi Ment - Settle Ment

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