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Marshall Digital System (MDS)

Disruptive Patent Details

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By using the Marshall Digital System (MDS) as our platform for 'streaming' and/or 'fragging' of digital content, you will have either standard MP3 quality or vastly superior quality 44,100 kHz, 32 bit quality (or higher). You'll also have included superior software that boasts PlayListProfies™ that are created/saved by the user in only seconds. Plus the software gives users tons of related information about the Artist and Song automatically while each song is played. Also, instant one-click choices related to song playing.

01. Pure Value

Invaluable to the Artists, Songwriters and Publishers. Through the use of MDS it will greatly benefit these Artists, Songwriters and Publishers.

02. Superior Listening Experience

Provide both a superior listening experience for the customer (or viewing when applied to the film and gaming industries).

03. curbs Piracy but allows sharing

Virtually curb or stop piracy as piracy costs the industry approximately 60% of all revenues and piracy is again on the rise. Each stream is uniquily identified. However, since the streaming comes in 2 unique streams, (recommended 90% is the Segmented and 10% is the Fragmented portions you will be able to choose to keep and share the larger portion. Therefore song replays you only need to streaming the 10% Fragmented portion. This cuts down bandwidth on replays by 90%. See Frag and Seg for more details on the patented process.

04. The Marshall Digital Patents

Through the use of the Marshall Digital Patents the above is now possible. By clicking on - (MDS ) you can read the actual issued Marshall Patent. However, for a more laymen's explaination, click on Frag and Seg and the the two animated characters makes it easy to understand. Also, Marshall Digital System has a 2nd patent 'Allowed' awaiting issuance and a 3rd pending.

05. Marketing made simple for the users

Amazon and Apple music choices sucks <-Digital Music News.

Because the MDS allows streaming companies and/or Song1 to offer users some very creative marketing structures that will include sharing 'segmented content' and PlaylistProfiles.

Side note: The inventor of this technology and patent(s) created the following Marshall website. He and his wife Robyn travelled throughout the country over a period years, visting dozens of cemetaries, collecting photos, related history and stories from Marshall relatives. Click on the link and explore.

The Marshall Family Tree

Powerfull Software

Designed with all age groups in mind

The PlayListProfiles™ is of great benefit for the user and for businesses it will cut down costs - eliminating supplying uers with costly custom Playlists. Competitors must maintain large staffs of experts and costly computer algorithms to create thousands of playlist for their clients. Seldom do these pre-generated playlists fit the listeners true desires.

PlayListProfiles™ plus Marshall's copyrighted creative software solves this problem.

Because this software is so user-friendly, ages 40 and up demographic will also be drawn to this service (some 100 million in the U.S. alone). This demographic is not actively marketed with competitive streaming services. However, Song1 (or Licensee) with the clear advantages of the - (MDS) patented system and the unique design of the user software, will be attractive to ALL demographics

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